Where Autistic Artists Thrive!

Est. in 2017 in Atlanta, GA.  Now in (7) additional markets!

  • New York, NY

  • Baton Rouge, LA

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Ontario, Canada

  • Orlando, FL

  • Chicago, IL

  • Charleston, SC

Specialty vocational training camp centered around performing arts related to the TV & Film industry and independent living skills for artists with autism ages 12 and up. Professional development experience and training in videography, CPR, driver training with police interactions, culinary arts, fire safety with firefighter interactions, gaming & VR, voice over, acting, photography, underwater filming, vision boards, graphic design, affirmations, and so much more! 

Our days start at 8am and wrap at 4pm and currently occur in (8) different markets throughout the United States + Canada. We are now accepting registration for all markets for 2022.

Champions for community growth and resiliance!


Our Mission

House of Artists Foundation maintains an above overall average retention rate of 95% for all programs and events for artists with autism. In 2017, House of Artists Foundation was founded by actress and philanthropist; Ashley Drayton, who grew up attending summer camps in South Carolina which motivated her to create House of Artists Foundation; a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with unparalleled vocational training programs and events centered around creative arts and independent living skills that benefits the lives of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).      Hands on experiences in regards to various elements and positions related to the TV & film industry such as animation, underwater filming, voice over, CPR workshops, driver training with police officer interactions, photography, video editing, culinary classes, fire safety with the local fire department, stunt training, acting, just to name a few and living independently is life changing and motivating in many ways for a lot of people. We enhance the autistic community's creative ability and provide opportunities of employment to businesses that support and encourage thriving beyond the spectrum while providing livable wages so the autistic community isn't solely relying on disability payments forever. They are indeed worth more and are capable of receiving what's in alignment with the desires of their heart. Everyone appreciates being acknowledged for what they are doing well and at House of Artists Foundation, that's our primary focus.


Our Vision

Enhance, promote, and provide viable creative arts employment for artists with special needs and their families, globally.

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