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Camp Artism Information

Camp Artism is for artists with autism ages 12, +adults, yes, even artists age 20+. See video for reference:

Camp Artism occurs in different locations for 6-7 days per session depending on the market, with up to (56) hours of professional development training and experiences centered around creative arts related to the TV/Film industry + independent living skills. View video link here: House of Artists Foundation - YouTube.

Camp Artism is from 8am-4pm each day of schedule. After 4pm, the artists are at the hotel with their family/friends until 8am the next day of camp. The hotel nightly fee is separate from the Camp Artism fee.

Hotel stays are separate. Your credit card must be also presented at check in for incidentals. The incidental fee is refundable (based on hotel guidelines that the guest must follow) and varies per hotel. Call ahead to see how much the hotel nightly rate + incidental hold fee is.

Each day of Camp Artism is different and is hands on. We go to lunch together as a group based on what's in proximity to us, such as but not limited to, Chipotle, Subway, Pizza Hut, etc. The artists decide together as a group where we eat lunch at for each day. No additional cost for lunch- it's included in the registration fee. Snacks are also included and accessible throughout each day.

Daily t-shirts are also included with the registration fee. Shirts are labeled with what day to wear them, so we are all easily recognizable.

(12) artists is our max capacity for each location, with up to (4) daily support staff.

This is year 7 of Camp Artism and we'd love to speak more with you about our program. Feel free to give us a call at 404-793-4431. Thanks!

Photo taken at Camp Artism 2021 during our Underwater Photography professional development session.


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